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Changes To The Poll App

Following the Facebook privacy stories of last week and the European Union GDPR regulation coming into force next month, we made a few changes to the Polls for Pages app to give participants more explicit control on the information they share with poll creators. Here are the changes you will notice starting this week when creating a poll:

  • Polls are now anonymous by default.

  • If you need to collect participants names and emails, you can check the option in the Advanced Options menu. By default, participants are asked to subscribe to your newsletter. If you are collecting participants infos for a different purpose, you can personalize the text. i.e.: I would like to be contacted if I win the iPad giveaway.

  • When participants answer your quiz and check the option to share their infos, a first name, last name and email text box will appear. Participants can either fill-in the fields by typing in their infos or click the "Fill-in with Facebook" button to automatically fill-in the fields with their Facebook profile infos. Try this example poll to see it in action.

  • You can no longer view stats about participants genders since we don't collect this info anymore. If you need participants genders, you can ask a multiple-choice question in your poll.

  • You can no longer access participants public Facebook profiles.

  • We removed the Timeline Polls with Hashtags offering. This option was made redundant by Facebook native poll offering.

  • We added a new "Like button for your Page" question type so you can more easily ask participants to like your Facebook Page. The poll must be installed on your Page tab for the like button to work properly.

We hope these changes will bring more transparency in the way informations are shared and collected through the app. If you have suggestions on how we can continue to improve the app for you, don't hesitate to contact us.