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Create Polls, Contests and Quizzes from your Enterprise Account


Today we have great news for our Enterprise subscribers. When you click the "+ New" button to create a new promotion, you will see a menu asking you to choose how you would like to interact with your audience. You can select one of the following: poll, contest or quiz. This gives you access to all our apps from a single account.

New menu for Enterprise subscribers

To learn more about how you can use these different types of promotions for your Facebook Page, take a look at this blog article and play with our many demos and tutorials. If you are not yet an Enterprise subscriber, you can upgrade your account to the Enterprise plan to gain access to all our apps.

You can run different types of promotions at the same time but there can only be one at the time installed on your Page tab. You can also change the Page tab name to match the type of promotion you are running.