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More Options To Format Your Questions

We know you love to customize your polls to give them a unique look that fits your brand's aesthetic. That's why we're thrilled to announce two new features that will help you add more personalization to the design of your polls.

Divisions between questions

When creating a new question, you will notice a new question type named "Paragraph". This is not a question to be answered but a way to add content between two questions. This can be useful to add dividers, instructions or subtitles between groups of questions.

Rich text editor for your questions

The same rich text editor that you can use to personalize your introduction text is now available for questions labels. This gives you more freedom to add links, colors and style to your questions. To enable the full editor, click the A icon next to the picture icon on the right hand side of the question label text box.

The formatting icon (top right) and Paragraph question type

One more thing... unlimited answers!

From the Advanced Options of the Configuration section of your poll, you can now set your poll to accept unlimited answers from a participant. This means participants will have the option to submit another answer after completing the poll. There is a hard limit of 25 answers per participants.