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Redirect Participants To Your Website

We are excited to announce a new little feature that you might like! Instead of displaying the thank you page to participants after they fill out your poll form, you can now redirect them to a page on your website. This puts you in full control of what comes next after participants complete the poll. Maybe you want to offer exclusive content or a special offer from your website? Let's see how easy it is to setup!

From the Configuration section of your poll, click the "Thank you" tab. Below the editor, you will find the "Redirect to an URL" option. If you check that option and enter a URL, participants will be redirected to this URL instead of seeing the thank you page. You can also add variables inside the URL such as {last_answer} to display dynamic content based on the participant's answer to the last question.

The drawback of redirecting participants is that they won't have the sharing options that are normally present on the thank you page. If you want to encourage users to share your poll, make sure to include the poll Share URL on your webpage.

We hope you can take advantage of this new feature to bring more traffic to your website and offer a better experience to your users.