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Créer un Sondage sur votre Page Facebook en 2024

Dans le monde des médias sociaux, dialoguer avec votre public est crucial, et quoi de mieux que de lui demander son avis? Avec Sondages pour Pages, vous pouvez facilement créer et publier des sondages sur votre page Facebook, en favorisant l'interaction et un sentiment de communauté. Dans cet article de blogue, nous vous guiderons à travers les étapes nécessaires pour créer un sondage et le publier sur votre page Facebook, en veillant à ce que l'opinion de vos abonnés soit entendue haut et fort.

How To Update a Facebook Post With a New Image

Have you ever posted a poll link on your Facebook Page only to realize afterwards that you need to update the image? Maybe you didn't replace the default stock image or something just isn't right with the image you chose. In this short tutorial, we'll walk you through the steps to update your Facebook post image with a new one.

Introducing Facebook Timeline Polls

Since Facebook removed the poll feature, page owners have been scrambling to find an alternative to run quick polls directly from their page Timeline. After hearing feedback from many customers, we came up with a solution that might fill the gap. And that's why we are excited to introduce Timeline polls.

5 Tips For a Successful Poll on Facebook

Polls are a powerful tool to collect feedback and insights from your audience. Polls for Pages allows you to create and distribute polls to your followers, fans, and customers, reaching a large audience and getting valuable data. However, creating a successful poll requires some planning and execution. Here are some tips to help you create a successful poll on Facebook.

Turn submissions into a voting poll

We just realeased a new feature that will save you some time. When you run a poll asking participants to submit a picture, you can now generate a voting question with all the uploaded pictures. Let's say for example that you run a poll asking participants to submit a photo of their Christmas tree. After the poll ends, you create a new one asking people to vote for their favorite tree picture. Before, you would have had to download all the pictures and upload them one by one as options of a multiple-choice question. That tedious work can now be automated with a single click.

More Options To Customize Your Reports

When exporting your poll's results or statistics to a PDF, you can now customize the title and the information displayed in the report. For the results report, you can select which questions to include. Free form questions can no longer be included in the PDF but you can export them to CSV or Excel.

A Better Way To Collect Phone Numbers

In the age of internet, email is often the preferred communication medium for businesses. However phone numbers are still very valuable and a more personal way to get in touch with customers. A phone number can also be used for texting or messaging with Whatsapp. To help you collect participants phone numbers, we are pleased to announce a new dedicated phone field that you can include in your poll forms.

Au-delà des Onglets Facebook

Dans sa dernière refonte des pages entreprises, Facebook a mis fin à la prise en charge des onglets d'applications tierces. Cela signifie qu'il n'est plus possible d'ajouter un sondage à un onglet de votre Page Facebook. Bien que cela puisse sembler problématique, laissez-nous vous expliquer le peu d'impact que ce changement aura sur vos sondages.