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New Comprehensive and GDPR-compliant Policies

It's been a long time (almost 5 years!) since we last updated the policies governing our apps. Back then, we had hired a law firm to craft the terms for us. They did a good job but lots have changed since then, notably with the adoption of strict data privacy laws in Europe and California. We thought it was time to review and update our policies accordingly.

Présentation du Branchement Conditionnel

Le Branchement Conditionnel était une fonctionnalité très attendue et nous pensons que cela ajoutera une grande flexibilité à vos sondage. Mais d'abord, qu'est-ce que le Branchement Conditionnel? Comme son nom l'indique, cela vous permet de définir des conditions selon lesquelles une ou plusieurs questions de votre sondages peuvent être sautées en fonction de la réponse du participant.

A New Metric To Track Likes On Your Page

Example of a Page Likes increase stats

Today we are introducing a new metric on the Stats page that will help you track the increase of Likes on your Page. The app records the number of Likes when the poll is added to your Page tab and will stop monitoring after the poll closes or once it's taken off the Page. This will give you a good overview of how your fan based increased while the poll was running. This is especially helpful if you added a Like button to your poll and want to track the impact on your Page Likes.

Search And Filter Your Polls

The poll filters menu

Polls for Pages is almost 10 years old and we have many long time customers that created hundreds of polls over the last few years. We heard from these customers that it can be difficult and frustrating to find old polls. At 5 polls per page, it requires a lot of patience to browse back through all previous polls. Today we are happy to finally make it easier to search and filter polls.

How We Protect Your Polls From Cheaters

If you run a popular online voting contest where there are prizes to be won, then there is a risk that cheaters will try to rig the results in their favour. A quick Google search shows just how easy it is to buy contest votes off the internet. In this blog post, we explain the different mechanisms that we put in place to detect and prevent fraudulent votes.

Promouvoir Votre Sondage Pour Obtenir De Meilleurs Résultats

Lorsque vous utilisez Sondages pour Pages, nous vous offrons les outils pour partager un sondage avec vos amis et vos fans sur Facebook. Mais parfois, vous devez cibler un une audience plus large ou plus spécifique pour obtenir de bons résultats. Dans ce billet du blogue, nous vous montrerons comment utiliser les outils de publicité Facebook pour donner un boost supplémentaire à votre sondage et en faire un succès.

Introducing New Image Upload Options

The new image upload dialog

Today we are excited to introduce a new image upload dialog that you can use to upload pictures from different sources (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.) directly into your polls. You now have the option to crop your images to the right size so they fit perfectly in your poll or on Facebook Timeline.