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A New And Improved Stats Page

The redesigned Stats Page

If you are a regular user, you probably noticed the stats page has changed quite a bit. You will find all the same statistics that helped you make better business decisions in the past, but in a new and improved layout. Here are a few novelties we think you will appreciate:

Promouvoir Votre Sondage Pour Obtenir De Meilleurs Résultats


Lorsque vous utilisez Sondages pour Pages, nous vous offrons les outils pour partager un sondage avec vos amis et vos fans sur Facebook. Mais parfois, vous devez cibler un une audience plus large ou plus spécifique pour obtenir de bons résultats. Dans ce billet du blogue, nous vous montrerons comment utiliser les outils de publicité Facebook pour donner un boost supplémentaire à votre sondage et en faire un succès.

Add More Colors To Your Polls


Many of you have asked for more layout customization options and we've heard you loud and clear. Today we're happy to roll out a new feature to let you choose the highlight color for multiple choice questions. From the layout menu on the Preview page, you now have 4 colors to choose from: yellow (default), blue, green, pink and grey.

You can mix and match these colors with your title and button colors to create a great look that fits your brand aesthetic. Try out our Cute Cats Voting Contest for an example of a pink highlight.

Introducing New Image Upload Options

The new image upload dialog

Today we are excited to introduce a new image upload dialog that you can use to upload pictures from different sources (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.) directly into your polls. You now have the option to crop your images to the right size so they fit perfectly in your poll or on Facebook Timeline.

Comment Actualiser une Publication Timeline

Avez-vous déjà publié un contenu sur votre Page Facebook pour ensuite réaliser que vous avez fait une faute et appuyé le bouton «Publier» un peu trop vite? Cela nous est tous déjà arrivé et heureusement Facebook permet l'édition d'un post après la publication de celui-ci. Cependant actualiser un contenu attaché tel que l'image et la description de votre sondage peut être plus délicat. Mais aucun souci, nous vous guiderons étape par étape.

Track Your Ads Performance With The Facebook Pixel


Boosting your poll with a promoted post is a great practice to increase its visibility. This lets you target a specific audience and reach people outside your immediate circle of fans and friends. But how can you track your campaign performance and know how many people actually answered your poll as a result of seeing your ad? How can you re-engage with participants in order to promote your business?

The answer to both these questions lies in the Facebook Pixel. The pixel allows you to track participants so you can assess the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and then target these same participants as a Custom Audience in your next campaigns.

Bulk Import Options for Multiple-Choice Questions

When adding a multiple-choice question to a poll, it can be tedious to create each option and type in the different choices. Today we are introducing a new feature to make it easier to import many options at once. When creating a question, look for the "+ Bulk Import" link. When you click that link, a popup opens with a text box where you can type in or paste many options at once.